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16 July 1982
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25 years old, student (geology/enviornmental studies major), working almost full time, neisius is mine and we've been together for 7 years. You can add me, but please comment letting me know you did.

"Whether you can believe you can do a thing or believe you can't - you are right"
-Henry Ford

1982, a perfect circle, animals, anime, anne rice, art, atlanta, attack the gas station, baby animals, bath and body works, bats, becky, biking, bisexual, black, board games, boobs, books, boots, buckle boots, camping, cancer, candles, captain picard, cats, chocolate, christmas, clothes, comedy, computer games, computers, concerts, corsets, cuddling, dance dance revolution, daydreams, ddr, digital art, dinosaurs, disney, dragons, dreaming, ebay, el camino college, erotica, faeries, faery, fairies, fantasy, fashion, ferrets, fetish modeling, firefox, foamy the squirrel, fraggle rock, friends, gaming, gay rights, geeks, geology, ghosts, gothic, gothic architecture, gothic lolita, hair dye, halloween, hanging out, happiness, harry potter, haunted attractions, haunted houses, haunted places, hearse, house of 1000 corpses, icons, illwillpress, jean-luc picard, kilts, lace, las vegas, lip balm, lip gloss, literature, lord of the rings, love, m*a*s*h, magic, men with long hair, modeling, movies, mozilla, music, mythology, nature, nerd love, paleontology, paranormal psychology, partying, patrick stewart, photography, pictures, platform boots, platforms, reading, rebeckah, red, red vs blue, retro, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, sci-fi, science, seattle, shoes, shopping, silk, sleeping, sleeping beauty, snow, south park, star trek: tng, star wars, stargate sg-1, stephen king, sunsets, system of a down, tarot, tea, the nightmare before christmas, the simpsons, thunderbird, tim burton, top gear, torrance, touching, true love, vampires, velvet, video games, vintage clothing, voodoo, washington, wings, winter, witchcraft, world of warcraft, xmen, yoga, zodiac